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Henley Air Webcams

The HenleyCams (Henley Air Webcams) provide a unique view of helicopter movements on the Henley Air helipads (NorthCam and WestCam) as well as what is going on inside our main hangar (Hangar 6) at Rand Airport. Our cameras are operational between 4am and 10pm daily South African Standard Time (SAST) and images refresh automatically every 60 seconds or press F5 to update the view.


You can access the HenleyCams (Henley Air Webcams) in the following ways:

  • Via the website, by scrolling down below for HenleyCam Hangar, North and West; or

  • Through our dedicated HenleyCam website at, where you can also download our Windows app!

  • Via your mobile device, by scanning or clicking on the QR code:

Henley Air WEbcam QR Code.png

Hangar Cam

North Cam

West Cam

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