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Henley Air is a SACAA licensed drone operator with BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) approval. We are expanding into drone surveillance with our state of the art DJI M300 coupled with a Flir camera as well as a 23X optical zoom camera.

Our aim is to provide additional aerial surveillance that could detect potential threats which may have gone unnoticed by security cameras and vehicles.

By working in conjunction with security personnel on the ground we form a formidable crime deterrent.

The drone efficiently scans perimeters for possible intruders.


The routing of the drone can be pre-programmed for autonomous flight and can be manually overridden should a threat be identified.

The DJI M300 RTK is operated by two pilots for a flight time of 35 minutes and a range of 8 kilometres. The M300 features a battery hot swap in which the downtime of the drone is less than a minute.

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Our pilot and camera operator utilise two large screens at a base station to view video footage and drone data which gives the exact coordinates of potential suspects.


The live video footage is streamed to a control room and can also be accessed from anywhere in the country via secure access.


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Drone technology can travel faster and undetected during operations, and by utilising specialised cameras the imagery provided during missions exceed human operatives.


During night operations the drone lights will be turned off allowing us to fly incognito and the thermal camera is utilised. During day operations a 23X optical/200X digital zoom camera is utilised.


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  • 35 minute flight time

  • Automated routing

  • Hot swap battery system


DJI Smart Controller

  • 8km range with two pilots

  • 2X DJI Smart Controls (pilot and camera operator)

  • Live video stream to security control room


DJI Zenmuse H20T

  • Radiometric Thermal Camera

  • Resolution: 640×512,

  • Frame Rate: 30fps

  • Zoom: 23X optical / 200X digital

  • Resolution: 4K 60fps

  • Laser Range Finder: 1200 meters (pin-point coordinates)

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