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Helicopter charter and helicopter pilot training excellence

About Henley Air

We are dedicated to helicopter charter and helicopter pilot training excellence in the South African aviation industry.

What started out in 1995 as a dream has today grown into a major operation at Rand Airport, Johannesburg. The early years saw us using one Bell JetRanger, today we provide our clients with a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft to meet their diverse requirements.

From the time you check in, to the time you board your flight, the HENLEY AIR experience is unique and personal. So, come fly with us as we look forward to sharing in your adventure.



1 Pilot + 3 Passengers

Bell 222 UT

Bell 222 UT

1/2 Pilots and 4/6 Passengers

Bell 206L Longranger

Bell 206L Longranger

1 Pilot and 5 Passengers

Bell 206 Jetranger

Bell 206 Jetranger

1 Pilot and 4 Passengers

Robinson R22 Beta 11 1-pilot-1-passenger

Robinson R22 Beta 11 1-pilot-1-passenger

1 Pilot and 1 Passenger

Aviation Services

Henley Air is a well-established, family owned and managed helicopter charter company that has provided safe and reliable helicopter-related services to the Southern African market for the last 22 years. The majority of our fleet is owned and operated from our three hangars covering 7323 m2  situated at Rand Airport in Germiston, South Africa.


Some of the many aviation services we provide are:

litson_gold-1000px - white_3x.png
We are proud to be the very first South African rotary-wing operator recipient of the Litson & Associates  GOLD Aviation Safety Award.




Why Enroll in Our Flight School?

When you enroll in our Flight School, you are assured of aviation training excellence. We invest in the development of our experienced instructors who are all exposed to the diversity of operations under the Henley Air roof: this ensures that instruction is pragmatic, professional and relevant. All of our helicopter pilot training syllabi are developed in-house, drawing from our decades of experience in the industry as well as monitoring the latest techniques and developments from the worldwide aviation industry. 


Quality education for current and aspiring aviation professionals.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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